ImproveOSM - MissingRoads workshop

Room: Mathematikon C

Monday, 14:00

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  • Beata Tautan-Jancso (Telenav)
  • Dumitru Laura

In this workshop, OSM mappers and software developers Beata and Laura will help you get started adding the more than 2 million roads that are missing from OSM according to ImproveOSM, the global open dataset that compares actual car trips with OSM data.

In the first part, we will show you what ImproveOSM is, how it is made, what the data looks like and how you can use it. In the second part, we will get our laptops out and do some mapping using the JOSM ImproveOSM plugin. We will have a leaderboard for the event and mapping prizes as well!

The workshop assumes you have some experience using JOSM. Bring a laptop!

Beata Tautan-Jancso is a java developer and leads the Telenav JOSM team. She works on implementing different tools that expose the results of the Telenav OSM data analysis team.

Laura Dumitru is a java developer that works on services and JOSM plugins that aid in the process of visualizing and validating the results of the data analysis.

Telenav has been a user of and contributor to OpenStreetMap since 2013, when we launched the Scout mobile navigation app powered by OSM data. Even before that, Skobbler, now part of Telenav, has been part of the OSM community for much longer. Our contributions to OSM include tools like OpenStreetCam, MapRoulette, MapDust, a number of JOSM plugins to help mappers, as well as ImproveOSM open data to help mappers find missing roads, one-ways and turn restrictions. Since 2015, The Telenav map team has improved OSM by adding thousands of new roads, turn restrictions, and detectable road signs in the U.S. and Canada.