State of the Map 2019 is taking place from 21 to 23 September 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany. We have created an exciting program with you—the OpenStreetMap community. For the duration of the conference, we have rooms set aside for breakout sessions that can be booked by groups of mutual interest, or used without prior planning.

If you want to use an app to get reminder for talks in the schedule, you can use Giggity. Alternatively, you can get the whole schedule as calendar file.

The programme of the academic track can be found on a separate page.


Großer Hörsaal Hörsaal Ost Hörsaal West Kleiner Hörsaal no recording
09:30 Opening
SotM Working Group
10:00 Keynote: Open up! Why digital mobility needs participation
Christian Förster, Dietmar Seifert
10:30 Keynote
Karen M. Sandler
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Get to know OSGeo and how OSGeo is connected to OpenStreetMap
Astrid Emde
Data Quality and Feature Extraction at scale with
Olivier Courtin
Introduction to OSM: How it's made and how it's used
Thomas Skowron, Frederik Ramm
Mapping public transport and cycling itineraries using JOSM's PT_Assistant plugin
12:00 “Keepin' it fresh (and good)!” - Continuous Ingestion of OSM Data at Facebook
Kevin Ventullo, Christopher Klaiber
Human Mapping with Machine Data
Christopher Beddow, Edoardo Neerhut
12:30 Driving South East Asia Forward with OpenStreetMap
Jinal Foflia
Assisted Intelligence - How we map with the support of new technologies
Felix Delattre, Surabhi Singh
13:00 Lunch
14:00 ODbL license compatibility
Kathleen Lu
Lightning Talks I
S M Sawan Shariar, OpenDEM, Seán Lynch, Janet Chapman
Share Edits and Insights with the Overpass Tools
Roland Olbricht
How to contribute to weeklyOSM via the CMS: OSMBC
Manfred Reiter
14:30 Communication and Knowledge Transfer in OSM
Hanna Krüger
OsmInEdit: a simple indoor editor
Thomas Sontag, Andreas Dirks, Hannes Geißelmann, Adrien Pavie
15:00 Past and Future of the OSMF Membership Working Group
Michael Spreng
Observe - offline, cross-platform field mapping tool for OpenStreetMap
Sajjad Anwar
15:30 Photo in the courtyard of the Mathematikon building
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 OSM Data: From Digital to Physical Design
Yantisa Akhadi
Lightning Talks II
Marco Minghini, Christopher Beddow, Minh Nguyễn, Andi Tabinas, Arnalie Vicario, Ilya Zverev
Board + Working Groups meeting
Joost Schouppe
uMap for newbies
Manfred Reiter
17:00 CyclOSM, a bicycle oriented render for every cyclist
Lucas Verney, Florimond Berthoux
VR Map: Using OSM Data In a WebVR Environment
Robert Kaiser
17:30 How to use OpenStreetMap data with the Desktop GIS QGIS
Astrid Emde
Hikar - OSM Augmented Reality for Walkers across Europe
Nick Whitelegg
19:00 Social event at HebelHalle


Großer Hörsaal Hörsaal Ost Hörsaal West Kleiner Hörsaal no recording Mathematikon C no recording
09:00 Academic track
09:30 Flexible Routing with GraphHopper
Peter Karich
"Mapathon, mapathon, mapathon!"
Séverin Menard, Nicolas Chavent
Academic track Scholar Lightning Talks
Abdoulaye Diallo, Jen Alconis Ayco, Pradip Khatiwada, Mats'eliso Thobei, Naveen Francis, Dinnah Feye H. Andal, Porfirio Carrasco, Matthijs Melissen, Jariatou Jallow, Emmor Nile, Fernando Kastro Toro
10:00 Imagery Solutions in OpenStreetMap
Kevin Bullock
OSMF local chapters in countries of the Global South what can we learn from OSM associations dynamics in French-speaking southern countries of Africa and the Caribbean?
Séverin Menard, Nicolas Chavent
Academic track
10:30 Lightning Talks III
Said Turksever, Ilya Zverev, Beata Tautan-Jancso, Sibabrata Choudhury, Alina Negreanu
Tales from the Tasking Manager
Ramya Ragupathy, Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro, Felix Delattre
Academic track
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Meet an OpenStreetMapper
Gregory Marler
“Our Falkirk”: Mitigating the Impacts of Poverty using OSM Data Themes
Alison Moon
Academic track Bilingual Breakout Session – Community building and empowerment in South: French-speaking countries in Africa+Haiti
Séverin Menard, Nicolas Chavent
First steps with OpenStreetMap editors
Angjelina Dervishaj
12:00 Customizing Search for Special-Interest Maps
Sarah Hoffmann
OSM Quality Mapping: Metrics to monitor Buildings outbounds
Pierre Béland
Academic track
12:30 Is your OSM App spying on you?
Thomas Skowron
Bringing Validation to Users: Integrating Quality Assurance Checks into Map Editors
Matthew Gibb, Clarisse Abalos
Academic track
13:00 Lunch
14:00 What's behind JOSM?
Vincent Privat
Spatial indexes for OSM in PostGIS
Felix Kunde
Academic track Diversity and Inclusion in OSM
Patricia Solis, Miriam Gonzalez, Heather Leson
Using OSMCha to understand bad edits
Andrey Golovin, Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro
14:30 Mapping solar panels can save megatons of CO2
Dan Stowell, Jerry Clough
Lightning Talks IV
Various Speakers
Academic track
15:00 National Trust - Managing a Path inventory in OSM: Towards an Open Paths standard in OSM for the UK
Huw Davies
OSM data processing with PostgreSQL/PostGIS
Jochen Topf
Academic track Nomad Maps, an andean cartographic itinerancy by bike
Alban Vivert
15:30 Collaborative cartography of cycling infrastructure for route and thematic maps in Medellin, Colombia
Carolina Ortega Espinosa
Academic track
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Notes: Can we do better. Experiences and Ideas from the Frontline.
Chris Fleming
Mapper's privacy
Roland Olbricht
Academic track Updating our attribution guidelines
Simon Poole
JOSM Turn Restriction : Improving Data Quality
Harry Mahardhika Machmud
17:00 Is the OSM data model creaking?
Martin Lucas-Smith
Teams for OpenStreetMap
Marc Farra
Academic track Local Chapters Congress
Joost Schouppe
17:30 Broken Promises and Technical Difficulties
Ilya Zverev
Lightning Talks V
Various Speakers
Academic track
18:00 Poster event in the Mathematikon building (including drinks and some food)


Großer Hörsaal Hörsaal Ost Kleiner Hörsaal no recording Mathematikon C no recording
09:30 Osmose-QA : MapCSS, OpenData and Mapillary
Frédéric Rodrigo
OSM2World: 3D OSM in your browser
Tobias Knerr
The Next Generation of Mappers: Learning from YouthMappers
Jessica Bergmann
OpenStreetMap and Wikidata: Awesome Together
Eugene Alvin Villar, Edward Betts
10:00 Routing for humans
Sebastian Ritterbusch
OpenDatathon activities in Japan
Shinji Enoki
10:30 Mapping Mobility in Stockport
Sam Milsom
Lightning Talks VI
Various Speakers
OpenStreetMap in Croatia
Hrvoje Bogner
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Caretography - Mapping Difficult Issues with OpenStreetMap during Difficult Times
David Garcia, Martin Dittus
Integrating and validating open data in OSM using street pictures
Adrien Pavie
New processes to agree on tagging suggestions and their interaction with the editing software available on
Roland Olbricht
Custom Presets Creation using JOSM
Harry Mahardhika Machmud
12:00 Introduce OpenPlaceReviews and connect to OpenStreetMap
Victor Shcherb
12:30 Access to Prosperity: Quantifying Infrastructure Impact With OSM
Davey Lovin
Lightning Talks VII
Various Speakers
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Pedestrian routing in complex areas: the case of Paris railway stations
Antoine Riche
Norway: Successful deployment of OSM in Public Transport
Johan Wiklund
Updating our attribution guidelines (Part II)
Simon Poole
ImproveOSM - MissingRoads workshop
Beata Tautan-Jancso, Dumitru Laura
14:30 Automatically annotate a pedestrian route with OSM landmarks
Frédéric Rodrigo
Public Transport Navigation using OpenStreetMap by OsmAnd
Victor Shcherb, Eugene Kizevich
15:00 no recording From car routing to train routing
Denis Cheynet
OSM Vector Tiles in custom coordinate systems
Jiri Komarek
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Closing
SotM Working Group