Academic Proceedings

State of the Map 2019 features a full day of scientific talks. This page contains the proceedings of the Academic Track. More information about this track can be found in the corresponding call for abstracts and programme pages.

PDF versions of individual abstracts are available under CC BY SA 4.0 from Zenodo. The complete collection of the whole conference track can be downloaded here.

  • Bridging the Map? Exploring Interactions between the Academic and Mapping Communities in OpenStreetMap - A. Yair Grinberger, Marco Minghini, Levente Juhász, Peter Mooney and Godwin Yeboah [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Exploring the Effects of Pokémon Go Vandalism on OpenStreetMap - Levente Juhász, Hartwig Hochmair, Sen Qiao and Tessio Novack [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • A novel application of models of species abundance to better understand OpenStreetMap Community structure and interactions - Peter Mooney [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Analysis of OpenStreetMap data quality at different stages of a participatory mapping process: Evidence from informal urban settings - Godwin Yeboah, Rafael Troilo, Vangelis Pitidis and João Porto de Albuquerque [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Analyzing the spatio-temporal patterns and impacts of large-scale data production events in OpenStreetMap - A. Yair Grinberger, Moritz Schott, Martin Raifer, Rafael Troilo and Alexander Zipf [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Development after Displacement: Using OSM data to measure SDG indicators at informal settlements - Jamon Van Den Hoek, Hannah Friedrich, Anna Ballasiotes and David Wrathall [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Intrinsic assessment of OpenStreetMap contribution patterns through Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis - Marco Minghini, Daniele Oxoli, Francesco Frassinelli and Maria Antonia Brovelli [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Analysis of OSM data through OSM-Notes user posting - Toshikazu Seto, Hiroshi Kanasugi and Yuichiro Nishimura [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Corporate Editors in the Evolving Landscape of OpenStreetMap: A Close Investigation of the Impact to the Map & Community - Jennings Anderson, Dipto Sarkar and Leysia Palen [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • OpenStreetMap as Space - Dipto Sarkar and So Hoi Kay [full abstract - pdf]
  • Assessing the Completeness of Urban Green Spaces in OpenStreetMap - Christina Ludwig, Robert Hecht, Sven Lautenbach, Martin Schorcht and Alexander Zipf [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Client-side route planning: preprocessing the OpenStreetMap road network for Routable Tiles - Harm Delva, Julián Andrés Rojas Meléndez, Ben Abelshausen, Pieter Colpaert and Ruben Verborgh [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Estimating latent energy demand of buildings - Nikola Milojevic-Dupont, Peter-Paul Pichler, Lynn H. Kaack, Steffen Lohrey and Felix Creutzig [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Towards Scalable Geospatial Remote Sensing for Efficient OSM Labeling - Rui Zhang, Marcus Freitag, Conrad Albrecht, Wei Zhang and Siyuan Lu [session] [full abstract - pdf]
  • Workforce Development and YouthMappers: Understanding perceptions of students in humanitarian mapping - Patricia Solís and Sushil Rajagopalan [full abstract - pdf]
  • Automatic feature extraction to support Mountains Mapping in OSM - Rocio Nahime Torres, Piero Fraternali, Federico Milani and Darian Frajberg [full abstract - pdf]
  • Characterizing player types in gamified geodata acquisition - An exploratory analysis of StreetComplete - Heinrich Lorei, René Westerholt and Alexander Zipf [full abstract - pdf]
  • “Ohsome” OpenStreetMap Data Evaluation: Fitness of Field Papers for Participatory Mapping - Carolin Klonner, Maximilian Hartmann, Lily Djami and Alexander Zipf [full abstract - pdf]
  • Contextualizing OpenStreetMap in Mapping Favelas in Brazil - Everton Bortolini and Silvana Philippi Camboim [full abstract - pdf]
  • How knowing the purpose of mapping changes the map and the mappers themselves - Patricia Solís [full abstract - pdf]