Other Hotel Bookings

Other than these pre-booked hotels, there are a large number of hotels that you can use during the conference. Aswell as staying in Heidelberg, you can also choose to stay in nearby towns and cities such as Mannheim. There are fairly regular connections between Heidelberg and Mannheim both via the local train network and using trams. There are connections throughout the night on Friday and Saturday, but limited connections on Sunday night (last train around 1am on Monday morning).

If you're on a low budget you might consider the Youth Hostel Heidelberg International, which is located within walking distance of the SotM conference venue. If you prefer to camp, there are a few camp sites not very far from Heidelberg.

Pre-booked Hotels

!outdated information! Please not that the following information is about a now expired offer, and is left here on the website for future reference only.

There are many hotels in and around Heidelberg covering a range of prices. To make things easier, we have organised with Heidelberg Tourism some hotels that have been pre-booked for the SotM conference with special rates. The rooms can be booked via this booking platform. Note that some hotels are only available during SOTM or HOT summit, not both.

If you want to extend your stay in Heidelberg beyond the SOTM and HOT summit, please send your booking request mentioning “State of the Map” and your preferred dates and hotel to

Hotel NH Heidelberg

The Hotel NH offers a more "high-end" stay for the conference being a 4 star hotel.

Hotel Ibis Heidelberg

The Ibis hotel offers a more budget accommodation, and is situated right next to Heidelberg's main train station.

Star Inn Hotel & Suites Premium Heidelberg

Star Inn Hotel & is a fairly new and large hotel located within walking distance to the main train station.

Hotel Denner

Denner is a hotel with a little more character, with no two rooms being the same.

Steffi's Hostel

If you prefer staying in a hostel we have arranged a number of beds in dormitories at Steffi's Hostel. For booking here, you need to contact the hostel directly mentioning the word "State of the map" and/or "HOT Summit".