Custom Presets Creation using JOSM

Room: Mathematikon C

Monday, 11:30

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  • Harry Mahardhika Machmud

Presets is the most important part when creating an object in OpenStreetMap. Without presets, all the objects will not be rendered in OpenStreetMap site because it doesn't have any attribute on it. Adding presets is one way to add more information in JOSM. Sometimes JOSM only has predefined presets which might give us challenges if we want to add another additional information, such as building structures or building level, because we need to add the key and value through add button in the right side of JOSM attribute panel. The solution for this problem is we can create a custom presets by using the text editor in XML language. But, this can become a hassle if you don't have experience reading XML language. There is a simple method to create presets in a simple way using JOSM plugin. This workshop will teach about how to create a presets using JOSM. This workshop will talk about things you need to know before creating a presets, exploring Wiki Map Features, and create a simple presets in JOSM. If you want to attend this talks, please make sure that you already have an experience to contribute in OpenStreetMap. Experience in key and value also good if you want to join the workshop.