JOSM Turn Restriction : Improving Data Quality

Room: Mathematikon C

Sunday, 16:30

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  • Harry Mahardhika Machmud

This workshop will examine about a Turn Restricition Plugin in JOSM.

Nowadays, popularity of OSM has been spread all over the world. Moreover, based on development of OSM itself, many parties has been used it in any sectors including routing services.

However, road mapping is not as popular as POI Mapping eventhough road data is also important as polygon or buildings in OpenStreetMap. So far, OSM mappers mostly focus on mapping public facilities and POI to complete their area in OpenStreetMap.

Thus, this workshop will be focused on road mapping in JOSM using turn restriction where the participants can learn more about mapping road in advanced way. Moreover, this workshop goal is to improve more knowledge around OSM mappers community that can lead to improving Data Quality in OSM especially roads.

In this session, I will share my experiences as OSM mapper how to use this plugin. A lot of interesting experiences that I had such as how implemented this plugin in some of my mapping project activity and what challenges that I had and how to manage with it. Finally, I will share to all of the participants about the result in some area. Comparison between before and after OSM data in each city and the benefit that we could get from the data to OSM community in Indonesia.