The Next Generation of Mappers: Learning from YouthMappers

Room: Kleiner Hörsaal

Monday, 09:30

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  • Jessica Bergmann

What does it take to build a new generation of mappers ready to solve challenges within their community? It starts by amplifying the voices of youth, giving them the tools and opportunities they need to learn GIS mapping and understand how they can apply it to their everyday life. It continues by intentionally creating spaces for youth to engage in local and international mapping initiatives.

This presentation will feature students from YouthMappers chapters throughout the world sharing how they are building a sustainable, inclusive mapping community at their university and beyond. Each YouthMappers student will spotlight a mapping initiative they are driving or contributing to, sharing their process for deciding what issues to map, engaging and training new mappers, especially women, and using map data to advocate for change in their local and global communities. Learn how you can plan your next mapping initiative with youth at the forefront.

YouthMappers is an international university consortium on Mapping for Resilience. The consortium organizes a global community of learners, researchers, educators, and scholars to create and use open geographic data that directly address locally defined development challenges worldwide. YouthMappers’ mission is to cultivate a generation of young leaders to create resilient communities and to define their world by mapping it. We are supported by funding from the US Agency for International Development, our founding universities, and other private donors and partners