How to contribute to weeklyOSM via the CMS: OSMBC

The OSM community should know about it ...

Room: Kleiner Hörsaal

Saturday, 14:00

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  • Manfred Reiter (weeklyOSM editorial member -)

weeklyOSM is the sister project of the German OSM blog (also well known as Wochennotiz). The infrastructure of weeklyOSM was created within the Comenius project "My community and my history in OpenStreetMap" by an international team from five countries and is being consigned, little by little, into the hands of the community. The aim is to share OSM news in a range of languages in addition to German and English.


"theFive" wrote a dedicated content-management system: OSMBC (OSM Blog Collector) back in mid 2015, especially designed for the needs of Wochennotiz and weeklyOSM. This system has been in use since WN #272. OSMBC allows news articles to be "collected" by the weeklyOSM team. This process previously was done entirely by the German Wochennotiz team. Later English and Spanish translations of Wochennotiz were managed within the tool, but these days increasingly articles are collected in different languages and cross-translated in a flexible workflow enabled by the OSMBC software.

Despite the name, it is not limited to blogs. The team also checks international mailing lists and other channels to include any news that is relevant. The system supports "markdown" formatted text, for each article, and groups them into categories. These are ultimately converted to HTML and put into the wordpress blog each week.

OSMBC is free and open source software and available on github. OSMBC is continuously adapted to the needs of the editorial team.

For some time now, a guest mode has been available, the use of which will initially be discussed.

The aim of the workshop is to familiarize beginners with the system. In addition, useful functions that can be used for translation will be shown using concrete examples.