Nomad Maps, an andean cartographic itinerancy by bike

Nomad Maps film documentary - 28 minutes - French and spanish (english subtitles)

Room: Mathematikon C

Sunday, 15:00

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  • Alban Vivert (Nomad Maps / CartONG volunteer)

Nomad Maps is a project carried out in partnership with the French NGO CartONG, created by Alban Vivert, a French geographer and cartographer, passionate about mapping, travel and cycling. Financed by a crowdfunding and a grant from the Fondation de France, Nomad Maps across the Andes had several objectives during these 5 and a half months of travel:

  1. Mapping on OpenStreetMap and Mapillary: more than 10,000 nodes mapped on OSM and more than 110,000 mapillary pictures added.

  2. Meet local OSM contributors: 16 contributors met and participated in the SOTM Latam 2018 in Buenos Aires.

  3. Participate in micro collaborative mapping projects with local associations.

  4. Develop CartONG's Latin American partnership.

  5. Develop a community of "NomadMappers": a community of travellers who want to make their trip useful by mapping the countries visited on OpenStreetMap.

Nomad Maps documentary deals in 28 minutes with the second goal of the project, more exactly the meeting with local OSM contributors from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

This documentary has different targets. For OSM experts, the aim is to give visibility to Latin American projects. For the non-specialists, the aim is to show the impact and relevance of OSM mapping in the humanitarian and development community in Latin America.

To see more about Nomad Maps:

Nomad Maps website: http:/ Map of the route: Blog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: