Tales from the Tasking Manager

Room: Hörsaal Ost

Sunday, 10:30


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  • Ramya Ragupathy (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)
  • Wille Marcel Lima Malheiro
  • Felix Delattre (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team)

The Tasking Manager is OpenStreetMap’s most used software tool to organize mapathons, community mapping initiatives and professional mapping teams. Over the last year it has been further developed significantly. This talk will give an update on the newest developments and the emerging community around the application.

Based on tales of data storytelling representatives of the development team of the Tasking Manager are going to discover remarkable curiosities and insights out of a wider application and user analysis, of course backed by hard stats. From this starting point we explain the solutions we implemented in Tasking Manager in the last year to improve the user experience and increase the data quality by mappers using the tool. Three stories will be told, about group of users that are coming to the Tasking Manager frequently and how the changes affected their flow. New mappers, validators and project creators are the main actors of the exciting adventures of combating a low beginners retention rate, lifting data relicts, guiding a mapper through the labyrinth of OSM contribution and learning about the magic of people’s using technology to achieve what they want.

We will talk about the new ingredients of the Tasking Manager, from the redesign of the users interface and the interaction among them, to how it now fits into a wider spectrum with much more applications of the OpenStreetMap ecosystem in order to improve direct access to more efficient mapping and data validation.

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