First steps with OpenStreetMap editors

Room: Mathematikon C

Sunday, 11:30

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  • Angjelina Dervishaj

During this session I will share some tips & tools for new comers on how they can start making their first edits on OpenStreetMap. I will do so by first explaining the mapping concepts (node, way, tag, area, editor etc), the process of mapping and some of the editors we can use to edit. I will continue after with the practising part, where I’ll demonstrate to participants how to make an improvement on the map. During the session we will go through the iD editor which is quite simple to use for beginners, and will mention some of the main features it has. By explaining the whole process step by step, I aim to make it as much easy as possible for new contributors to get started with editing OSM. I’ll briefly explain some of the formal rules we should consider when editing. I will also show some daily life examples which can illustrate that even the smallest contributions can be of great value for our cities and countries, no matter where we live, which hopefully will motivate the participants to start editing right away.
At the end of the workshop I'll also share some learning resources which have been very valuable in my experience and for those who want to read and practice more, might be of great value as well.