Iranian OSM Community, last two years and the way up front

Iranian OSM Community, last two years and the way up front

Room: KHS

Monday, 14:30

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  • Ebrahim Hasanzadeh (Kaart Group)

Iranian OSM Community has over 500 members and a group of almost 20 admins are helping this community by answering their questions, preparing training materials, FAQs and walking them through their early edits, deciding about community specific rules, overseeing community edits, translating OSM wiki pages and other important and informative documents like OSMF and HOT OSM posts to Farsi, referring to OSM rules and regulations in case of any wrongdoings, etc. All of these are communicated in our admins group which is in Telegram as well, we almost cover every single issue. There are also close to 49 companies that provide services like navigation systems, interacting city maps, product specialized maps and so on, using OSM data, this number was less than 5, two years ago, but, regarding to sanctions and other limitations on resources like street views and the fact that companies can use the map that is improving by local editors made OSM map more suitable comparing to other maps. There are still many smaller villages and rural roads and routes that are not mapped or need some improvements and corrections, we still need thousands of more GPS traces to be able to align roads, roundabouts, crossings and so on. Admins have a weekly meeting and meeting notes are posted to main group to be accessible for the community. Future plans are being discussed and worked on, we are looking to increase the number of editors, especially from those areas with poor map data, and more importantly, implement a network to maintain the quality of map data and improve it.